Our goal is to help you present your message
while maintaining your publishing sanity. With a
history spanning over 30 years, we have helped
many authors, writers, and business people bring
their publishing dreams into reality, whether it is a
book, advertisement, newsletter, brochure, or mailer.
From concept to creation to the finished product, we
can guide you through this challenging and exciting process. Our "shining light" policy helps guide you
to peaceful solutions amidst the publishing chaos in the most economical way possible. There are many variables in the editorial process. Pricing will be quoted on a project basis according to content,
time frame, and your specific needs.
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substantive book editing    copy editing    proofreading  •  writing and rewriting
graphic design  •  desktop publishing  •  web development

You may reach us by email at nancywilliams@thelauruscompany.com

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"An editor is an advocate for both the writer's true intention
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